Sep 6, 2015

Janmasthami Festival

Janmasthami Festival



Janmashtami, birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated at EMPI premises on Saturday, 5th of September, 2015 with due serenity and devotion. Krishna Janmashtami is a celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. It is a festival of great fun and happiness. The girls got a beautiful rangoli ready and decorated the area with flowers and colours. The boys were more than excited for the 'Matki fod' (building a pyramid of people to climb up to the level of a pot of curd hanging at a height in order to break it.


The celebrations started at 7.00 p.m. with the puja of Lord Krishna by the students and Faculty. The occasion was graced by the presence of the Vice President - Mr. Pankaj Saran, Mrs. Abira Saran and the faculty members. It was attended by several alumni as well, thus adding to the fun and enthusiasm. The entire amphitheatre reverberated with cheers and applause as the pyramid went higher for the matki fod.


The day was loaded with activities and arrangements for the programme scheduled for the evening. Lord Krishna had arrived in the campus and was seated on his throne at the Amphitheatre. After an elaborate puja and aarti, the evening was blessed with mesmerizing cultural performances by students of both the batches. The day ended beautifully with the midnight aarti attended by the faculty and students. All the students, staying far away from their homes had the strange feeling of being back home celebrating the revered festival with the same fervour, as they have been doing at home, but with much more personal involvement and happiness in the EMPI Gurukul – a Home away from home.


"Hathi Ghoda Palki, Jai Kanhaiya Lal ki"


Janmasthami Festival 2015

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