About the Author - Dr. Udai Pareek

Professor Udai Pareek, PhD, is Chairman of the HR-LABS of EMPI, New Delhi and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur, India. He is Chairman of the Governing Board of the Institute of Developmental Research and Statistics, Jaipur.

He is an Advisory Member for Asia and the Middle East of Human Resource Development International. He is also a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Global Committee on the Future of Organisation Development (sponsored by the OD Institute in collaboration with the OD Network and the International OD Association).
He has been Chairman of the Governing Boards of the Institute of Development Studies, Academy of Human Resource Development (promoted by the National HRD Network of India), the South Asian Association of Psychologists (SAAP), the National HRD Network, and the Indian Society of Applied Behavioural Science, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee and Vice President of the Management Board of IIHMR.

He is on the Governing Boards of several Institutes and companies, including Globarena, Hyderabad; National HRD Network; GGS Indrapratha University, Delhi; Banasthali Vidyapeeth; State Institute Health and Family Welfare, Rajasthan.

He was the only Asian to become Fellow of the National Training Laboratories (NTL), and the only Fellow from India of the Society for the Study of Social Issues (SPSSI). He is Fellow of the Indian Society of Extension Education.
He has been US-AID HRD/OD Advisor to the Ministry of Health, Government of Indonesia; L&T Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad; Director, School of Basic Sciences and Humanities, University of Udaipur; Director in SIET Institute, Hyderabad; and Professor at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and the National Institute of Health Administration and Education, New Delhi. He has been HRD Advisor to the Bank of Baroda.

He is Editor of the Journal of Health Management, and has been Consulting Editor of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. He is on the Editorial/Advisory Boards of Human Resource Development International, Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology, Indian Journal of Training and Development, Human Capital, Abhigyan, IBAT Journal of Management, LBS Journal of Management, Prestige Journal of Management, Journal of Community Guidance and Research etc. He was the first editor of Vikalpa, and has been on the editorial boards of Administrative Science Quarterly, Organisation and Group Studies, Psychologia.

He has authored or edited about 50 books and more than 350 papers. He has been given several national awards and has been cited in a large number of national and international biographical reference books.
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