EMPI’s guiding philosophy of ‘Innovating Futures’ is a recognition that the 21st century is being driven by the twin paradigms of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Futurization’, dynamically reinforcing and building on each other, with manifestations from technology to social change. Not only is the process of creative destructive in all walks an imperative for the way forward, but the knowledge of ‘predicted’ future scenarios is also equally vital. This DNA constitutes the basis for EMPI’s institutional ethos, wherein Innovation is achieved, not only through academic study and research at its B-School, but also by incubating and spinning off various initiatives and entities that impact the future. These initiatives are emergent from the dynamic inter-play of Technology, Academia, Public Policy and Civil Society, leading to the birth of a series of ‘Firsts’ in the country.

Empi logo

EMPI the name Entrepreneurship and Management Processes International - signifies the changing emphasis in international management thought to purposes and processes, as also the fading distinction between an entrepreneurship and management, with the need today for an entrepreneurial manager. The logo depicts this educational philosophy wherein the red spark and dot symbolises the raw energy of bright youth while the arrow symbolises the channelling of energy for constructive personal and social growth.


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