Innovative India International Centre (IIIC)

Under EMPI's Mission Innovative India launched by President Kalam in 2005, EMPI has aimed to create a platform for bringing together Corporates, Government, Non-Corporates and Networks to foster a "Culture of Innovation' in India. These efforts have contributed along with other initiatives in enabling India, emerging as a start-up capital to the world with an ecosystem that is attracting the best talent and capital to incubate innovative ideas. EMPI has structured an 'Innovative India International Centre', as a global hub for innovation. It aims to bring together innovators, both individuals and organisations, innovation scouts, research scholars, global start-up funds and mentors in a physical incubation space in the confines of its picturesque campus. This melting pot offers facilities for conferencing, work stations, amphitheatre, green lawns, workshop areas, supporting labs and studio and family apartments to support the various innovation activities to its members.

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