Our Commitment

We are committed to identify, nurture and enrich giftedness in individuals through continuous innovative pedagogy imparted in a 24x7-Gurukul learning environment so as to enable them to become creators and innovators that can impact organizations and societies.

Quality Policy

The quality policy of the Institute is to achieve the highest standards in all the things we are associated with - be it academics, research, industry- academia interactions,seminars and publications.
This is achieved by:
  • Implementing quality systems and processes - with provision for constructive feedback and continuous improvements
  • Networking with leading business, industry and research organizations at National & International level
  • Fostering culture for idea generation and making innovation work
  • Being consistent and reliable in all our systems and processes
  • Providing excellent infrastructure and basic amenities- conducive for teaching, research and industrial applications.
Aspiring and working towards making the institution an “Institution of Excellence” and benchmark for others to follow.
EMPI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution.

Equal Opportunity

We believe in the policy of non-discrimination on the basis of caste, sex, race, colour, religion, age or national origin in all our endeavours, which includes educational programmes, MDP’s, Training and Development, Research, Consultancy and employment practices.
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