(Includes Alumni & Existing Students, their Parents and other members of Academic Fraternity)


"EMPI for me was a Start-up experience, we were empowered to do everything on own with least dependency on faculty. From industry reach out to placement pitches and from planning industry tours to summer training scouting. I have done it all. EMPI made me ready to 'walk that extra mile'."
Ram Jalan
Group Head - Digital Marketing at Wave Group

"The two years at EMPI were the beginning of my journey from a "Man" to a "Manager."
Sudeep Sengupta
Vice-President at Kotak Mahindra Bank

"Achieving innovation through influence and being passionate about the notion that ideas rule the world are still few of the biggest learnings I received from EMPI Business School. One should always remember that degree is only entry to the profession, after that only your performance matters."
Rajnish Sinha
Founder and Chief Talent Advisor - Talent Acceleration Corridor
Ex-Global Head - Talent Acquisition at Evalueserve

"The place which made us who we are. It’s a second home. All the best to all the folks here."
Deepak Stephen
Vice President, Amba Research


“I am very impressed with the unique selection process of EMPI which assesses a candidate’s aptitude on various parameters through a day-long Personality Profiling Exercise. I am proud to know that my ward has been selected to join EMPI, one of the premier B-Schools in India.” 
 ... Businessman (Chandigarh)
“EMPI’s philosophy to make students stress resistant, problem solver and highly competitive is very important for a student to become a problem solver in life.” 
 … Doctor, Bokaro
“The serenity and learning culture experienced by me during my sister’s admission visit to EMPI’s sprawling green campus has been so exciting for me to get tempted to join and do my MBA again from this institute.” 
 … Corporate Executive, Noida
“EMPI aims to develop its students in such a manner that they not only acquire sound theoretical knowledge but also learn to remain unfazed in the face of challenges. The education at EMPI prepares them in such a fashion that they need not do any extra effort to solve problems; problem solving becomes their way of life.” 
 … Defence Personnel, Chennai
“EMPI B-School is one of the reputed B-Schools which focuses on discipline, commitment, innovation and believes in ‘learning through living’. To me these are very important factors of life and I am sure my ward will get all these in EMPI.” 
 … Serviceman, Guna

Academic Fraternity 

"A beautiful oasis of teaching and learning – your faculty and students are fortunate to have such wonderful facilities."
David Agnew
President, Seneca College, Canada

"Promising talks. I like the innovative and enthusiastic climate. We see and help each other in the future! Interesting ! Energizing!"
William Viets,
Director, Dept. of International Cooperation,
Inholland University, Netherlands

“The Essence of Education lies in its humanizing influence. EMPI, I am happy to note is moving in that direction…”
Hema Raghavan
Fmr. Principal Gargi College, Delhi University

“The Essence of Education lies in its humanizing influence. EMPI, I am happy to note is moving in that direction…”
 Dr. Pankaj Sharma
Director Marketing, NIIT University

“Excellent ethos at EMPI, I am touched. Will be great to focus on ethical perspective of the Business - such grooming at EMPI could be a great step forward. My very best wishes.”
Prof. R. Natarajan
(during visit to EMPI Campus as Chairman, AICTE)
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