(Includes Non-Corporates engaging with larger socio-economic environment)


"I am happy to know that than Indian Innovation Award is contributing significantly to address the problem of bridging the gap between the haves and the have not’s. Unfortunately, media relishes bad news than good news.  There are so many innovations happening in this country, which will make India perhaps the first country in the world to dissociate essentialities of life like healthcare and education from affluence. In the years to come large million of people will continue live in the slums like before. However, when they fall sick, when they are in pain they will have access to high-technology healthcare with dignity like an American or European and as soon as the treatment is over in an exclusive hospital, they will go back to the same slum they came from. Similarly, children from these slums and children from villages will have access to good quality education, which will not be linked with the affluence. I am convinced that this can only happen in India and then the rest of the world will follow. For all these major transformation to happen, innovations in these areas have to be highlighted, supported, appreciated and cherished.

Indian Innovation Award will do this in a significant manner. I should congratulate EMPI and compliment its wonderful work in making this world a better place to live.”
Dr. Devi Shetty,
Narayana Hrudayalaya


"An institution of Innovative learning and holistic development of the students. Kindly keep it Up."
Dr. Anil Garg
President, Energy and Environment Foundation
New Delhi


"Excellent organization Release of book is good. I came for the book."
Dr. K. K. Upadhyay

"Great. For us in Kudumbahsree, an award of this status from EMPI means a great deal. As a social organization which is tending towards becoming a movement, this recognition that comes in the name of innovation increases our credibility both with the people, the political processes and is very relevant for our being. So it’s just wonderful!!!!"
Ms. Sharada Muraleedharan, IAS
Executive Director


"The EMPI Awards Programme is not just a means to honour innovative institutions, but a novel idea to promote a culture of innovation all over India. The institutionalisation of innovation is in itself a commendable effort and we congratulate EMPI for this task that they have painstakingly accomplished over the past five years. We hope EMPI continues to search for more mavericks in society and highlights imaginative innovations that will benefit and revolutionize the entire nation."
Dr. Rukmini Banerji,
Program Coordinator
Pratham India Education Initiative


"India has made a remarkable progress in the fields of economics, sociology and politics. However, the culture of following the footsteps of successful ventures of developed countries has weakened the spirit of innovation. The EMPI-Indian Express Award is a valuable concept to promote and encourage the enterprising spirit of Indian Innovators."
Mr. A. K. Basu
Society for Rural Industrialization


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