I. About the PGPs

1. What are the unique features of EMPI’s PGPs?
  • 1 year fast track MNC Co-certified, Futuristic PGPs
  • Modeled on 1 year International Masters Programme
  • Train to Hire MNC Model
  • 100% Job Assurance 
  • Study and Practice Sandwich Model
  • Joint Certification with leading MNCs 
  • Trained by top Industry professionals
  • Start up skills session with incubation support for wannabe entrepreneurs
  • Hands on practical training
  • Excellent ROI
2. What are the different PGPs?
  • PGP in Research and Business Analytics
  • PGP in E-Commerce and Logistics
  • PGP in Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • PGP in Talent Acquisitions & HR Operations
3. What are the unique features of each of the PGPs?
  • PGP in Research and Business Analytics

- EMPI offers more as it is the only institute in the country to offer a Research and Business Analytics programme. (Some of the other institutes offer only Business Analytics and do not touch upon research skills which is the foundation for Business Analytics)
- IBM Collaboration, therefor benefits in the form of: Industry Faculty, latest software, industry / live projects, IBM study material 
  • PGP in E-Commerce and Logistics
- 25 million people in India shop online
- In the next 3 years 50,000 job opportunities are going to be created.
- IBM world wide 1st e-Com program
- EMPI is the only institute in the country offering a course on E-Commerce
- The course would give the students not only an in-depth understanding of working in the field but also hands on training on various e-commerce software
  • PGP in Digital and Social Media Marketing
- Large death of people in the sector with holistic understanding
- 70% of businesses moving towards Digital & Social Media Marketing
- First time in India, EMPI has pioneered launching of the DSMM programme 
with IBM 1st time worldide in a PGP mode
- This PGP offers pathway to Seneca College, Canada
  • PGP in Talent Acquisitions & HR Operations
- Study-Practice Sandwich model
- Internship opportunity in industry 
4. I don't see the course structure on the website. Can you please send me the course structure?
The course structure is available with us on campus. Please visit us and we would be glad to share it with you.
5. What is the duration of the PGPs?
1 Year
6. When do the PGP Batches commence?
  • September 
  • February 
7. In which location would the classes be conducted? 
Classes can be conducted both at the EMPI’s City Centre, Connaught Place, New Delhi or EMPI’s Main Campus at Chattarpur, New Delhi. It will be decided on where the majority of the students are from.
8. Is the course officially recognized by AICTE?
The PGPs are industry endorsed, certified and co-developed catering to industry needs. Hence, an AICTE certification is not required.
9. Does EMPI have official agreements with these companies?
Yes. It has a formal agreement with all the companies
10. Who will be the faculties teaching the courses?
Expert faculty from EMPI and the industry
11. What are the different modes of the programmes?
I. Weekend Mode
II. WeekdayMode 
PGP in Research & Business Analytics
PGP in Digital & Social Media Marketing
PGP in E-Commerce & Logistics 
PGP in Talent Acquisition & HR Operations
(3 Months Theory – 3 Months Industry Mentorship Project – 6 Months On the Job 
Training with possibility of stipend)
11. What are the class timings?
Weekend Mode
10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Saturday)PGP in Research & Business Analytics 
  • PGP in Research & Business Analytics 
Weekday Mode
10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
  • PGP in E-Commerce & Logistics 
  • PGP in Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • PGP in Talent Acquisition & HR Operations 
13. Top – Up Programme for Freshers in Part Time Programme
  • The top-up programme is meant for freshers with no prior work experience. 
  • The top-up programme would give the students basic management knowledge required for pursuance of their respective PGPs. 
  • It would include a mix of courses and project work of a maximum of 150 hours spread over 3 months
  • Schedule: 4 hrs a Day – 4 days in a week 9:30 – 1:30
  • Fees: Rs. 49,500/-. Breakeven at 12
14. Will I have to appear for written / practical examinations in order to get the certificate? 
Yes, you will have to appear for written examinations at the end of each course module in each of the PGPs.

II. Fees

1. What is the fee structure for the PGPs?
Note Attached
2. What is the payment schedule?
  • Registration and Admission Charges – Non-Refundable to be paid within 10 days of confirmation of selection for the programme(letter will be sent by e-mail as well as hard copy) – 15,000
  • Balance Fees – To be paid in full before the commencement of the programme
3. What is the process for payment of fees?
DD/ Cheque / RTGS / NEFT
4. Is there any commitment deposit?
Commitment Deposit is the Registration & Admission Charges
5. Can I pay in installments?
Yes you can pay in a maximum of 2 installments. However, the full fee has to be paid before the commencement of the programme.
6. Can the payment deadlines be extended?
7. Do you have tie up with banks for educational loans?
We can provide reference letter in case bank loan is required.
8. Can I get a sponsorship from the company where I am working? Will I be provided with a letter for that?
You need to check with your company. You may produce the selection letter for the purpose.
9. Is it a residential course? Is hostel facility available? What are the charges?
Residentiality is not compulsory. Hostel facility will be provided to those who require it. Existing Rates. Different slabs for different category of rooms.
10. Is married students accommodation available? What are the charges?
Yes, it can be provided on request.
11. Does the college provide any scholarships?
No Scholarship 
12. If I cannot continue after 1 or 2 months of joining, will my money be refunded? 
What is the refund policy?

III. Application

1. Is there any minimum work experience required in order to apply for the course?
2. I have not completed my graduation yet. Can I still apply?
3. Will part-time work experience or internship be considered?
4. I have been an entrepreneur or have worked in my family owned business - will this experience be considered?
5. What is the Application Procedure?
Application Form – Personal Interview –Selection Committee Decision - Payment of Fees
6. Do I need to fill up any Application Form?
7. Do I also need to submit a printed copy of the application form once I have submitted it online?
Not Required
10. Would there be any Selection Test 
Yes Personal Interview
11. How many seats are there in each programme? 
Batch size would depend on selection and industry requirement Upto a maximum of 20

IV. Reservations 

1. Do you have any quotas for NRI'S/SC/ST/BC?
As these are industry programmes, it is not applicable.

V. Placements 

1. Would you provide placement support to all the students?
Yes. After course completion, placement support would be provided. In all probability a large number of students might get absorbed by the companies even before course completion.
2. What would the average salary be? 
Depends on individual performance
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