Nov 17, 2016

Mr. Alan Mamedi, Global CEO and Co-Founder, Truecaller, at EMPI Business School Campus

Mr. Alan Mamedi, Global CEO and Co-Founder, Truecaller, at EMPI Business School Campus

Entrepreneurship and Management Processes International (EMPI Business School) welcomed Mr. Alan Mamedi, one of the co-founders and global CEO of Truecaller, for an interaction session with the students of EMPI to share experiences and insights on entrepreneurship development, success story of Truecaller, and learnings on marketing and customer orientation.

Alan shared that Truecaller has evolved because of the relationship that it has established with its customers. Their processes have a community-based model. They do not get data from mobile networks, but from communities. This model has worked for them because their mantra has always been focused on not just innovation, but also on core values like keeping trust, customer satisfaction and taking responsibility for company decisions. In their first week of start, they had 10,000 downloads. Today they have more than 45 million users globally. And now their dreams are bigger. They have been funded by top silicon valley companies like Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins, investors behind Google.

Alan advised the students of EMPI to never give up. He told the students, “Whatever you do, just give your best to it. If I am a company offering services in cleaning, then my objective would be to be the best and the largest cleaning services in the world”.

Alan was also accompanied by Mr. Manan Shah, who is the Director Marketing (India), of Truecaller, and an alumnus of EMPI Business School. Truecaller is also willing to take up students of EMPI Business School for internship programs at Truecaller and make them Truecaller Ambassadors.

This interactive session was organized by the EMPI SUV (Start-Up Venture) Lab. This is a unique initiative of EMPI Business School that aims at creating an entrepreneurial environment at the business school and encourages the students to become young turks who can disrupt the industry with their start-up ideas. In addition to start-up talks, EMPI SUV (Start-Up Venture) Lab has also organized entrepreneurial hackathons at national level and promoted the culture of “innovating futures” which has been the vision of the institution since its inception 22 years ago.


Alan Mamedi interacting with the students 
Alan Mamedi offered a Memento by EMPI Vice President, Mr. Pankaj Saran
Alan Mamedi sharing his experience
Alan Mamedi with senior faculty and first year students
Alan Mamedi with Senior Faculty at EMPI
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