Sep 23, 2023

1996-98 Batch Reunion of EMPI Alumni

1996-98 Batch Reunion of EMPI Alumni
1996-98 batch reunion conducted on campus was a truly heartwarming homecoming event. The batch reunion event ‘Pal-do-Pal’ was a nostalgic walk down the memory lane as the alumni toured the campus, reminiscing and reliving the old times and sharing many a laughter and memories with fellow batch-mates recalling their young student life days. The alumni had a nostalgic interaction with their revered and beloved faculty members and felicitated them in honour of their contribution to their lives. The batch re-union was especially memorable as they flew down from different parts of the world and the country.

Beyond being a mere reunion, it was a testament to the enduring strength and unity of the EMPI brand. This nostalgic journey down memory lane, with alumni strolling through familiar grounds, reminiscing about their student days, and sharing laughter, showcased the distinct sense of community that EMPI fosters. The event wasn't just a gathering; it was a celebration of the unique bond that binds EMPI alumni together, transcending time and geographical boundaries.
The warmth and good cheer that permeated the atmosphere were a reflection of the strong brand identity that EMPI has cultivated over the years. The seamless blend of nostalgia, joy, and camaraderie showcased EMPI as more than an institution; it is a brand that continues to connect, inspire, and leave an indelible mark on the lives of its alumni. Special appreciation was extended to the event organizers for orchestrating a delightful gathering that not only celebrated the past but also embraced the enduring legacy of EMPI as a brand synonymous with excellence, unity, and lifelong connections. The 'Pal-do-Pal' reunion stands as a proud chapter in the ongoing success story of EMPI Institutions.
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