Jan 18, 2017

MAGH BIHU (2017) AT EMPI Business School

Assamese harvest festival Magh Bihu at the EMPI Campus on 14 January 2017.
The students, staff and faculty celebrated the Assamese harvest festival Magh Bihu at the EMPI Campus with full traditional flavour on 14 January 2017. 

EMPI setting fire to the Meji

The students, staff and faculty celebrated the Assamese harvest festival Magh Bihu at the EMPI Campus with full

traditional flavor on 14 January 2017. This was the first time this Event was being held in EMPI. The day started with 

setting fire to the Meji, constructed with garden waste and old riff-raff,  symbolically signifying getting rid of all 

unwanted thoughts and things with the onset of the Makar Shankranti and looking forward to the new dawn with hope 

and fresh energy.
Bihu dance at EMPI Business School

The cultural function was started with a fine invocation song by Kankana Handique while the ceremonial lamp was 

being lit by President-EMPI and senior faculty. Two short films introduced the North-Eastern States and Magh Bihu 

festival to the largely non-Assamese audience. They were treated to a colourful group dance performed by Monika 

Gogoi, Kankana Handique, Shreya Gautam and Ragini Khandelwal; Monika continued with a brisk and beautiful Bihu 

dance which captivated everyone. A happy Assamese folk song by Srijani Banerjee kept the audience clapping to the 

rhythm. The knowledge of the audience on the North-Eastern states was put to test with a short quiz and, to their 

credit, the audience acquitted themselves well, thanks to the presence of a number of students from the N-E studying 

in EMPI. The first Part of the Event concluded with the President-EMPI complimenting the efforts of students from N-E 

States for spreading awareness and appreciation of the N-E among the EMPI student community.
Jolpan – light refreshments – turned out to be a big surprise. The traditional Assamese MaghBihu fare – TilPitha, 

NarikolLaadu, Sheel mixed with Doi and Gur and telpitha pleased everyone asking for second helpings. And that gave 

sufficient stamina for the games that was to follow.

EMPI Business School Bihu 2017 Sports event

What threatened to be a misty moistly morning gave way to a bright blooming sun ensuring energetic competition full 

of fun and frolic –Short Sprints, MatkiPhod, Musical Chairs and Tug -of –War.
After a forenoon filled with joyful MaghBihu function the students turned to business, reporting for regular classes and 

assignments in the afternoon. Wholesome fun and serious study, well that’s the tradition at EMPI.
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