May 19, 2017

Entrepreneur Magazine 2017 listed the top 30 B-Schools in India - EMPI ranked 18th

EMPI rank 18th amongst the top B-Schools in India.

Yet another milestone, another feather in EMPI’s cap. This time it was the top business magazine “Entrepreneur Magazine” which conducted the survey 2017 to list the top 30 B-Schools in India. The idea was to cherry pick the b-schools which provides a nurturing environment for students with big ideas in the campus. EMPI Business School has been contributing managers and idea generators to the corporate world from past 25 years. It was tough for EMPI to compete with the cult brands but with the unique management style of teaching, the institute was recognised as one of the top B-schools where every student is honing his/her entrepreneurial DNA. 

EMPI has been conducting activities like Hackathon to encourage the entrepreneurial streak in every student in the field of health, analytics and telecom. One of the strongest attributes of EMPI is it happens to be a pioneer in designing courses in Analytics, Advertising Communication and marketing in India. EMPI is a staunch supporter of entrepreneurship which is highlighted in the name itself "Entrepreneurship & Management Processes International". 

Attributes like these made EMPI rank 18th amongst the top B-Schools in India. More than 2 decades of nurturing entrepreneur in the campus, EMPI is moving ahead on the ladders of success and strives to find its way to become the most sought-after brand for entrepreneurs across the world.

EMPI B-School 18th Rank Entrepreneur Magazine
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