Apr 7, 2018

24th Annual Day Celebration

24th Annual Day Celebration & Merit Award Ceremony

On April 7th 1995, EMPI Group of Institutions was set up with the vision to empower the young managers through innovation, inter-disciplinary paradigms that transforms minds and impacts society. EMPI celebrated the 24th Annual Day function on 7th April, 2018. Mr. P.C. Sharma- Whole Time Director and CEO, TCI Express Ltd, and Mr. Peng Jun, Managing Director, LESSO Buildtech Pvt. Ltd graced the occasion with their presence as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively. 


The Day was celebrated by recognizing the young managers for their extra-ordinary achievements in academics, general fitness for profession and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and were awarded with certificates of merit. This year, EMPI distributed nearly 29 lacs of rupees as scholarships to young managers fulfilling the eligibility criteria. On this occasion, Chief Guest Mr. P. C. Sharma stressed the need for the students to possess adequate knowledge and skill so as to be effective from the day one of their corporate career. The Guest of honor Mr. Peng Jun besides sharing the journey of his company in India also explained the need to be innovative for success and appreciated the efforts of EMPI in promoting innovation.

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