Aug 20, 2023

Global Changemaker20

Global Changemaker20 Summit as part of G20 held in EMPI Campus
As part of the  presidency of India's Civil20 and Youth20 working groups, EMPI Institutions hosted the Changemaker20 Summit. The Summit jointly organized with Connecting Dreams Foundation was hosted from the EMPI Institutions campus in New Delhi for 6 days non-stop from 15th August – 20th August, 2023. This initiative, the first of its kind, showcased the potential for collaborative change on an unprecedented scale. Represented by 135+ countries and engaging more than 5,000 participants, the event brought together young changemakers, leaders, and influencers with a shared objective to collaborate, innovate, and drive sustainable solutions in the youth and civil society tracks of the G20. Over the course of 300+ hours, the summit offered an immersive platform for participants to explore diverse narratives from around the world. The summit aimed to deepen global awareness and inspire innovative solutions towards addressing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
 The summit comprised of a lot of interesting panel discussions, keynote sessions, masterclasses, workshops, story-telling, round tables, fire-side chats, labs, film festival etc. on interesting themes of the SDG goals of the UN including climate action and environmental sustainability, Quality Education & Skill Development, Social Justice & Inclusion, Health & Well-Being, Economic inclusion & Poverty Alleviation, Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security, Partnerships for Sustainable Development, Circular Economy & Waste Management, Technology for Social Good. It was a good opportunity for the youth of the country and for people with similar interests and passion to network and connect with people globally. There was also a live performance by singer AY Young, who founded the Battery Tour, a concert that is powered by 100% clean energy and is one of the first artists to do this in the world. He is one of the 17 UN Youth Leaders selected to help spread the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) class of 2020.
 The Founder of Connecting Dreams Foundation, Dr. Amit Tuteja spoke about the importance of addressing the SDGs in a time of extreme global uncertainty and dramatic technological change. EMPI Institutions President, Mr. Pankaj Saran during the inaugural session welcomed this initiative and spoke about youth driving innovation and change. He also did a Fireside chat along with Prof. Sanjeev Singh, Joint Director, Delhi University, on the ‘Future of Education and Education of the Future’ in which they spoke about importance of curiosity and passion in learning which goes beyond the cognitive alone and the importance of pedagogy with changing technology and attention span of learners.
 The summit was blessed to have the wisdom of luminaries like Prof. Vinay Sahastrabudhe, Patron of the Summit and Chairman, ICCR; Dr. Krishnamuthy Subramanian, Executive Director, International Monetary Fund; H.E. Erik Solheim, Executive Director – United Nations, Environment Program; Dr. Nirupam Mehrotra, Director – Bankers Institute of Rural Development; Dr. D Veerendra Heggade, Member, Rajya Sabha; Dr. Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi, Fmr. Principal Adviser to the Director General, UNIDO; Mr. Sugata Mitra, Scientist & Education Theorist; Elena Erakina, Expert Commitee for the Foreign Affairs of the Youth Parliament of Russian Federation; Mathew Cherian, Chairperson, Care India; Patrick Arnold, Founder and CEO, 10 Billion Strong; Fiona McRaith, Manager and Assistant to the CEO, Bezos Earth Fund etc. amongst others.
EMPI students were involved in all aspects of co-organizing and hosting this prestigious global event. The summit which required students to work 6 days round the clock offered an outstanding action learning environment, wherein they not all managed, organized, improvised, hosted and co-ordinated various components of the summit, but the summit also stretched their capabilities and minds to work with different teams and individuals across various countries and cultures, to become better youth changemakers for the country and the world.
Witnessing the dedication and the involvement of the youth in taking on essential roles, co-ordinating activities and contributing to meaningful discussions has reinforced the significance of youth-driven initiatives in shaping a better world.
EMPI Institutions continues to stand at the forefront of innovation and futurization, preparing leaders of tomorrow to address the complexities of our world. By actively participating in such initiatives through action and international dialogue, EMPI reinforces its commitment to nurturing future leaders who can address the evolving needs of a rapidly changing world.

The Summit concluded with a call for deliberation and action by all the stakeholders by keeping the conversations alive and the dreams ignited.

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