Jul 25, 2023

Collaboration with ReSENSE Lab

Collaboration with ReSENSE Lab, USA to set up AI, IoT Lab for Intelligent System

Building on EMPI’s pioneering innovative efforts, EMPI Institutions joins hands with ReSENSE Lab, USA, to establish the ReSENSE-EMPI Innovation Hub at EMPI Campus, New Delhi for the promotion of AI Powered Intelligent Systems. ReSENSE Lab started in the Hanuk University, Korea and now in the Saint Louis University, is a world-renowned lab focused on doing research and applications in futuristic areas like AI, IoT, Blockchain etc. It works across multiple industry segments of New Mobility, Health, Energy and Agriculture and has created many leading spin-off companies. With EMPI it is working on developing a first of its kind center for ‘Intelligent Systems’ through an application lab to develop AI & IoT based products, projects along with incubating start-ups for India. Further the Lab shall offer cutting-edge internships and training programs on AI especially generative AI, IOT and Blockchain.

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