Dec 24, 2011

Merit Awards-II Ceremony

Merit Awards-II Ceremony
The EMPI Merit Awards for GPA and GFP were given away on 24th December, 2011 by Captain Sanjeev Rishi, Managing Director, Sanjvik Terminals (P) Ltd. and Director, Tojo – Vikas International (P) Ltd. Students received the Awards and Certificates based on their performance in the Fourth and First Trimesters, for Second year and First year Students, respectively.
The Ceremony began with Saraswati Vandana and Lighting of the Auspicious Lamp by the Chief Guest and Heads of Departments. It was followed by the Welcome Address by Director, Dr. U K. Neogi. The President then welcomed the Chief Guest, apprising him of EMPI’s beginnings and our journey through the next 16 years.
The Chief Guest, President and Heads of Departments next gave away the top three GPA Awards for each Department. This was followed by the GFP Awards that were given away by the Chief Guest and the President, marking the culmination of Awards distribution.
The eagerly-awaited Chief Guest’s Keynote Address followed next. Captain Sanjeev Rishi painted the strides made by India over the past 30-odd years in brief, bold strokes. His reminiscences, gathered during his 30-odd years in the Shipping Industry – both as Captain with the Shipping Corporation of India as well a successful entrepreneur running his own International Container Depot (ICD), were very optimistic about the role that India will be assuming in the next decade. He recounted that 30 years ago, the US had dropped supplies named PL 480 that were deemed unfit even for cattle back in the US, for consumption by Indians. However, when Hurricane Katrina stuck the coasts of the US recently, India was the first country to air-drop supplies to beleaguered US citizens!
Captain Sanjeev Rishi also had a word of praise for our Students, whom he termed very bright and sharp. Taking a leaf out of his own experiences, he advised Students to do whatever they take up, with passion and commitment. He expressed full confidence that Students of EMPI would do very well for themselves, their organizations and India. He received a standing ovation for his Keynote Address.
A Memento was presented to the Chief Guest by the President, next. This was followed by a brief, lucid Vote of Thanks by Col. Arun Dhongde, Dean and Chief Mentor. Students sang the National Anthem and the Ceremony wound to a close, with Tea for all.
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