Mar 17, 2012

Merit Awards- III Ceremony

Merit Awards- III Ceremony
The EMPI Merit Awards for GPA and GFP were given away on March 17th, 2012 by Alan C Adamson General Manager, Cargill Global Trade Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Students received the Awards and Certificates based on their performance in the Second and Fifth Trimesters, for first year and second year Students, respectively.
The Ceremony began with Saraswati Vandana and Lighting of the Auspicious Lamp by the Chief Guest and Heads of Departments. The President then welcomed the Chief Guest, apprising him of EMPI’s beginnings and our journey through the last 16 years. He also introduced the Chief Guest to the students.
The Chief Guest, President and Heads of Departments next gave away the top three GPA Awards for each Department. This was followed by the GFP Awards that were given away by the Chief Guest and the President, marking the culmination of Awards distribution.
The eagerly awaited Chief Guest’s Keynote address followed next. Mr. Adamson enthralled the students about the stupendous achievements of Cargill during its journey of over 150 years. The company’s turnover during the year 2010-11 reached a staggering level of US $ 120 billion. Headquartered in Minneapolis, USA, the original promoter’s descendants Johugons and Cargill continue to run the organization.
Mr. Adamson later recounted his achievements at Cargill. He joined Cargill in 1977 with Cargill’s Cotton Trading Business in Liverpool. From Jan 2011, he has been appointed as General Manager based in India and serving 6 different Cargill’s businesses located in Asia, Africa and Europe.
Mr. Adamson also had a word of praise for our Students, whom he termed very bright, sharp and possessing excellent human values, in addition to the usual managerial qualities. This was based on his experience of recruiting four Students from EMPI in the past, some of whom work very closely with him. He advised Students to do whatever they take up, with passion and commitment and to be spontaneous. He expressed full confidence that Students of EMPI would do very well for themselves, their organizations and India. He received a standing ovation for his Keynote Address.
The President presented a Memento to the Chief Guest, next. This was followed by a brief Vote of Thanks by Dr. U.K. Neogi, Director, EMPI. Students sang the National Anthem and the Ceremony wound to a close, with Dinner.
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