Feb 1, 2014

'Drinkable Air' now at EMPI!!!

'Drinkable Air' now at EMPI!!!

Drinkable Air machine Chameleon-8 now at EMPI


EMPI has once again proved its commitment towards innovation and technology. EMPI houses India's first machine that converts moisture present in the atmosphere into drinkable water. This has been brought in with the help and support of Reserwater Innovation Foundation, a society that is enabling an ecosystem to address the water problems in India. 

Pankaj Saran, Vice-President EMPI said, "We are extremely delighted to house the first revolutionary Drinkable Air machine at our campus. EMPI stands for innovation and this alliance with Drinkable Air will shape many more such wonderful innovations." 

The Atmospheric Water Generator system is a new, state of the art system that takes humidity from the air and turns it into 99.9% pure, delicious drinking water. It is a humidity and temperature driven self-contained unit making water from air. It can generate up to 10 gallons of drinking water per day depending on the specific atmospheric conditions. This revolutionary technology is helping to meet the growing demand for economical, good tasting and quality drinking water. Atmospheric water generation is а green friendly, alternative source, for anyone who wishes to maintain control over their own water supply. The machine operates quietly and efficiently to let you enjoy the invigorating taste of the cleanest, best tasting drinking water on Earth. 

In country like India, which has high humidity level and where clean drinking water, is not difficult to get but also, is expensive, this technology will help to give a clean water at a more economical price. It is said that the rainwater is the purest form of water but it is not being directly consumed. Atmospheric water generator works on this same principal. It extracts moisture from the atmosphere through condensation and transforms it into absolutely pure, healthy drinking water. The patented EnviroGuard Ozone System destroys all bacteria, viruses and organic matter, ensuring that the water is purified and kept pure at all times. 

About Reserwater Innovation Foundation 
Reserwater Innovation Foundation is an initiative of EMPI Innovation Park Pvt. Ltd. and ETI Dynamics. This Foundation has 5 major centers of excellence with a pan India and a global presence. These include: (1) Research & Innovation that focuses on core scientific research; (2) Water Resource Mapping & Management that focuses on data and modeling; (3) Socio-Economic that focuses on water policies, governance, disputes and pricing; (4) Industry Solutions that focuses on technology transfer and numerous services including finance; and the (5) Big Impacts centre that will focus on major initiatives such as Smart Grid, Smart Water and major initiatives such as the cleaning up of the river basins.

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