Dec 25, 2013



Unleash your creativity…

The first event by the ‘HR club’ creativista was the platform for all the EMPIans to unleash their creativity. The program began on 23rd of December and ended on 24th of December with the cutting of Christmas cake. Braving the winter chill the atmosphere was charged with fun and festivity. It was a two day rigorous on-stage and off-stage performances and finally prize distribution. Following were all the areas of competition:



Poetry writing competition as ‘Poetry-archy’

Singing competition as ‘Beats’

Extempore as ‘B-an Egghead’

Dance competition as ‘Twist’

Photography as ‘Filterz’

Short film making competition as ‘Spotlight’

Essay writing competition as ‘Essay-tatic’

Children enjoying the cake

Cutting of Christmas Cake


President addressing the students

HR Club Event- Creativista


President sir, faculty and Students

EMPI Family



Nishant sharma- winner- 'beats'- singing competition

Winners of Spotlight-short film making competition


HR Club- Creativista Team


Lots of participation from the EMPIans has made the event successful. The support, the appreciations, the applause is truly a feather in cap for the students of HR club.

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