Nov 8, 2013

Industrial Visit to Maruti Suzuki, Gurgaon

Industrial Visit to Maruti Suzuki, Gurgaon
The students of EMPIs Udai Pareek HR-LABS visited Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Gurgaon Plant on 8th of November’13. The students saw the manufacturing of Maruti cars, assembly line, robots at work, paint shop and finally rollout of car and testing of cars to make a quality check. The students also got the opportunity to interact with Mr. V K Malhotra , Manager PR , who briefed the students about the plant and answered student queries. Maruti gurgaon plant has a sprawling campus of 300 acres with state of art manufacturing facility in the heart of Gurgaon city. It has a flexible assembly line manufacturing which has helped them improve their productivity. Maruti Suzuki is a leader in introducing various path breaking innovations offering a wide range of 14 models including the premium luxury sedan KIzashi. It has three fully integrated manufacturing facility which is equipped with 150 robots, out of which 71 have been developed in-house. All three plants have an installed capacity of 350,000 vehicles annually but productivity improvements have enabled it to manufacture 900,000 vehicles annually. Maruti Suzuki has half of the market share in passenger car segment. The students thoroughly enjoyed the trip and it was a great learning experience for them.

At Maruti Plant- an interaction session

On way to Maruti,Gurgaon

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