Oct 28, 2013

"Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold"

"Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold"
An interesting workshop on the Bombay Stock Exchange operations and capital market was organized for EMPI students on 28th Oct, 2013 at EMPI Campus.

The workshop was delivered by an official of Bombay Stock Exchange, Mr. Harbinder Singh Sokhi. Mr. Sokhi delivered the workshop in a very characteristic humorous and interactive way which made the content easier to absorb and comprehend.

He started from the basics, explaining the students the history of stock exchanges, basics of stocks, stock market operation, the regulatory bodies, various instruments of investments, how to make money in stock market, common mistakes in stock trading, creating portfolio, risk management & money management aspects.

He mentioned that everything that appears profitable may not be profitable in reality, i.e. everything that glitters is not gold. He advised the students to take an informed decision, and not invest money because somebody has told them to do so. He quoted many instances wherein many have lost their entire savings in the stock market and on the other hand, there are smart investors who had made lot of money in the same market.

The students asked numerous questions about the intricacies of the stock market which were answered satisfactorily by Mr. Sokhi.

The workshop was organized jointly by EMPI Business School, Voice Society and Bombay Stock Exchange. On the occasion of the workshop , many other officials from Voice Society were also present. The vote of thanks was delivered by Prof.(Dr.) G. Kathuria to the visiting team and all present.

Mr. Sokhi from BSE taking the Workshop Session

Mr. Sokhi, BSE, Mr. Awasthi, Voice Society Dr. G. Kathuria, EMPI and other officials from BSE & Voice


Mr. Sokhi answering the queries of the students during the BSE Workshop at EMPI

Mr. Sokhi from BSE interacting with the students.



Mr. Sokhi from BSE and Mr. Awasthi from Voice Society during the Workshop.

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