Oct 25, 2013

INK Conference 2013 Live Webcast at EMPI

INK Conference 2013 Live Webcast at EMPI
EMPI Business School signed a MoU with the INK Conference for live webcast of their conference at EMPI for the students and faculty members. The INK Conference in association with TED organized three days conference from 25-27th October 2013 at Kochi, Kerala. The theme of the conference was ‘All That Matters’ – brought a diverse set of people during these three days. INK is the meeting place for visionaries and change makers to inspire each other and make human corrections. Around 70 talks and performances have been conducted during these three days involving CEOs, Entrepreneurs, artists, Technologists, Scientists, designer and many more.

Live webcast arrangements at EMPI have been made at the R & D Workshop hall for witnessing three days conference organized at Kochi, Kerala. More than 120 students and faculty members have participated in the conference at EMPI.

Students during the Conference

Ms. Tina Sharma, Wellness Consultant sharing her views during the Conference


Mr. Ronak Samantray, Inventor taking the session in the Conference

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