Nov 24, 2013

EMPIans at Times Now Programme on the Power of Shunya

EMPIans at Times Now Programme on the Power of Shunya
The concept of Power of Shunya- ‘Quest for Zero-Season 2’ was hosted by the leading National news channel, Times Now and supported by Du Pont to highlight the various issues relating to education, health care, energy, climate change and hunger project, etc. through the power of Innovation. The session was conducted by leading TV Journalist Ms. Manvi along with a panel of experts drawn from various sections of society, namely Mr. Gurucharan Das, Former CEO, Proctor and Gamble, Sociologist Mr. Dipankar Gupta, Mr. Aditya Krishnan, Mr. B. S. Kalsi, President Du Pont, Prof. Ajay Sood of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. There was a discussion with other veterans like Dr. Devi Shetty of Narayana Hridalya, famous economist Prof. Y. K. Alagh and Ms. Sunita Narayan through video conferencing on issues that concern every Indian and their solutions as zero tolerance and compliance. The panel talked about the contributions of Indian heroes and their untold stories.
The Question Round session was also conducted and the participants asked the question to the panel members. EMPI–AdComm student Ms. Saskia Jones (under exchange programme from In Holland University, Netherlands) asked a question on ‘’the plight of Indian farmers and the suicide incidents reported in the media in the context of new initiatives by the Govt. of India”. The panel member Mr. Gurucharan Das responded that the new agricultural policy and Govt. directions has made some impact but it would be appropriate that people must share and involve at the policy implementation level for achieving the Power of Shunya in targeting the results.


The Panel Members participating in the discussion

EMPIans in the Visitors’ Gallery

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