Aug 11, 2016

Global Hackathon was organised by IncubateIND and BusinessWorld with EMPI B-School as the Institution Partner

Global Hackathon was organised by IncubateIND and BusinessWorld with EMPI B-School as the Institution Partner

EMPI B-School was the proud institution partner of a Hackathon organised globally on the same dates at the same time in 19 different cities by IncubateX - the largest youth entrepreneurial Hackathon. The final rounds of the Hackathon would be judged by Sam Altman, the Chairman of Y Combinator - The World's most powerful start-up incubator. In India, the competition was held at EMPI Business school and was organised by IncubateIND (India chapter of IncubateX) and BWDisrupt (a unit of Business World) with EMPI B-School as the Institution Partner. The other 18 cities were New York, USA; San Francisco, USA; Washington D.C. USA; Dallas, USA; Houston, USA; Seattle, USA; Paris, France; Beirut, Lebanon; Harare, Zimbabwe; Tokyo, Japan; Warsaw, Poland; Kiev, Ukraine; London, UK; Cairo, Egypt; Perth, Australia; Munich, Germany; Seoul, South Korea; Abuja, Nigeria.

The event pulled together around 200 entrepreneurial youth who had to develop scalable products within 30 hours of getting a challenge which they had to meet. The event was power packed with a lot of non-stop zeal and gusto. The Hackathon ended with a judging process where the teams had to pitch their products to a panel of esteemed Jury, which comprised of:

Apurva Chamaria - Vice-President & Head, Corporate Marketing, HCL Technologies
Neha Anand - General Manager, Global Thought Leadership, HCL Technologies
Sastry Tumuluri - CEO, Digital Self Defense InfoSec
Anil Chhikara - Principal, Jaarvis Accelerator
Sahil Arora - CEO & Founder, Vuzella Group

The Hackathon also had other distinguished mentors who came at different points in the course of the Hackathon to mentor the teams in shaping up their concepts:

Ashwani Duggal - CEO, Mappr
Pramod Allamraju - Digital Program Manager, HCL
Kapil Chawla - Managing Partner, Alpha ConsultantsKartik Arora - Product Expert, Deskera
Surender Kumar Dhaleta - Chief Mentor, Techseen
Abhinav Mohapatra - Assistant Editor, Techseen

Three winning teams, who had pitched excellent products/concepts, would now be competing with 57 winning teams from other cities, for a final competition in New York, where three winners will be selected by Sam Altman as global winners who would then be incubated to form start-ups and scale up thereafter.




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