Sep 18, 2016

EMPIans exposed To Sensitivity Training

EMPIans exposed To Sensitivity Training

"Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process"

A T- group (training group) is a facilitated experimental learning, focused on the here and now, in an unstructured small group setting. It is also known as Sensitivity Training or L- group (learning group). The goal is to offer people options for their behaviour in groups. The aim of the T- Group is to help a person to grow with self-awareness as a precondition to making wise choices and that is exactly what all the attendees of T-Group has felt during the training process.

All freshers recently joined PGDM Programme; were given opportunity to attend Human Process Laboratory or T- group training, which commenced on August 10, 2016 in EMPI B-School with five eminent facilitators form corporate world. It was five days of experiential learning. The training ended with lighting of candles symbolizing flaming down the weaknesses and carrying strength and positive energy with them. Students were given participation certificates.


Students flaming down the weaknesses
Students sharing their strengths
Group of Students expressing their learning from the training
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