Feedback of students who attended the programme


  • "Thank you all very much for hosting us. The experience has been wonderful. You all are very welcoming and hospitable. I take very fond memories with me of my experience at EMPI."


  • "Thank you for hosting our group. It was a great experience touring Delhi and talking to EMPI students. I had great experience in India and would like to visit again sometime. I hope we’ll be able to reciprocate the warm hospitality shown to us when EMPI visits us in future."


  • "This experience has been great to us because we could learn a lot about different aspects such as cultural, academic and religious. People are so amazing and friendly that they made our stay at campus a wonderful time. This experience is useful for us in personal and academic aspects. Thanks to everyone in the campus; faculties, students and any other who made our stay a great time, had an answer to all our questions and a solution to the problem."


  • "I think this was very good experience for my life in different aspects. First, the opportunity to know amazing and important culture. Second because we can learn about economics topic that can be applied in our country. People were really nice, warm, so I felt like in home."


  • "Great Program!!! Very good balance between academic, social and cultural activities. Everyone has been so amazingly helpful and kind. The best element was EMPI students accompanying us in the various activities. This was great intercultural-international interaction."


  • "Awesome!!! Thank you so much for the great experience. Exploring the different historic location in Delhi was amazing. The personnel in general were extremely helpful and polite, great service. Thank you for all you have done for us. I truly enjoyed the workshops. Being able to truly think outside the box and bring out our inner child. Thank you so much."


  • "The workshop program at EMPI was very interesting and beneficial experience. The information gave an insight into the Indian culture and marketing practices. I believe every American should experience this program to enhance their ability to think outside the box."


  • "Corporate visit was perfect! Informative, comfortable, and the visuals stimulating and fun. The best part was being able to get to meet the people, we learned about in class and the business present options."

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