Types of Programmes

  • Innovations Appreciation Module (One Week Programme)
  • Market Research for Innovations Module (One Week Programme)
  • India Media Innovations Module
  • Combined Module (Two/Three Week Programme)

Innovations Appreciation Module 

This one-week Programme gives students a broad overview and understanding of the various multi-sectoral and multi-cultural ‘indigenous innovations’ that have been attempted by various MNCs and Indian organizations to find solutions and way forward to the problems and issues that are peculiar to the context of India and emerging economies. Many of these innovation stories in developing new Products, Services and Business Models from India have become global case studies and have become trendsetters in the industry. Each of the days are based on various themes of innovation and comprises of lectures by faculty and industry experts and thematic tours.


Market Research for Innovations Module 

With increasing consumerism and the entry of multinationals, Indian markets are seeing revolutionary changes. India’s middle class is currently at 250 million and one of the fastest growing in the world. Also the Indian market reflects the unique demographic dividend wherein India is the only country growing young in the world with a majority of population in the 14 – 24 age bracket. This dividend is driving explosive growth opportunities for companies from across the world who see India as the future market with youth aspirations fuelled by very high growth for lifestyle based branded goods and services. This growth story, however, has the challenge of integrating the informal sector at the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ to produce inclusive growth, corporate profits with social conscience. Therefore, the role of market research, consumer behavior, distribution strategies, organized retail are being innovated upon and re-invented. In this backdrop, the market research for innovations in India programme gives a first-hand exposure to the students about the innovation opportunities to study one of the most exciting and complex markets in the world.

  • Students learn about the a micro-entrepreneurs innovation incubation model.
  • Students do a project work on market research for Innovations
  • Students learn to design Instruments and techniques for data analysis related to consumer behavior and brand positioning


India Media Innovations Module

To fully understand the diversity, depth and dilemma, of communication, India is the destination. India’s extraordinary story of growth in a completely democratic setting is a unique development in the world wherein almost a billion plus free people have complete freedom of expression.

This freedom of expression is everywhere…. from a 5000 years mythology to modern day Bollywood - the largest film producer of the world, from 800 million cell phones users connecting the entire fabric of the nation speaking 18 languages and about 200 dialects and from architecture like the Taj Mahal and Khajuraho to the Bahai lotus temple. The underline theme of this ‘unity in diversity’ is the adapting innovations that have shaped the way of life for Indians. 

The marriage of powerful technologies of IT and Broadcast with the relative expression of a billion Indians have been rise to the most extra ordinary media industry in the world. The country today boasts of 500 television channels and still counting, the world’s second largest print media, second fastest growing mobile market and with the highest penetration globally. 

All these developments have made India, a most interesting laboratory of innovations for the media industry in the world. Further the media revolution is shaping and being shaped by the consumer revolution happening simultaneously with almost all global players targeting the rapidly burgeoning Indian market.

The Programme conducted through a workshop mode includes a number of group activities, lectures by experts, case studies, live examples, industry visits, presentations and assignments leading to a deeper and meaningful understanding. Sessions will be held at both in and off campus locations.


Combined Module 

The combined module is a two/ three-week programme combining any of the one week Modules.

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