The Udai Pareek Human Resource Laboratory for Applied Behavioural Sciences (UPHR-LABS) was launched on May 3rd, 2004 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Udai Pareek. Foundation stone of the HR-LABS was laid down on the day, EMPI honoured Dr. Pareek with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mr. Pankaj Saran, Vice President, EMPI Business School, New Delhi, expressed the need for a programme to cater to the HR need of present day knowledge society. To bridge the gap it was resolved that EMPI will launch a Programme on Human Resource and Organisation Development. The Udai Pareek HR-LABS started with the objective of promoting HR profession through Education, Training, Consulting and Research.

In the area of education the beginning was made with the Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource & Organisation Development (PGP-HR & OD), the first of its kind in India. The uniqueness of the programme lies in the approach towards its design and conduct. The programme based on Applied Behavioural Sciences and the emphasis on 'experiential learning' differentiates it from routine HR programmes.

Along with the academic learning the students are exposed to the corporate world. Frequent interface with the industry is organised, where students get the opportunity to interact with the leaders from different organisations. The experience of these leaders helps in enriching the knowledge and understanding of the students.

The need for practicising managers and administrators to step aside from day to day responsibilities to upgrade their knowledge and insights in rapidly changing business environments has made Udai Pareek HR-LABS to structure training and consultancy programmes to reflect on the most relevant needs of the industry today. HR-LABS has successfully achieved its objective of providing in-company training as well as conducting several Management Development Programmes.

Udai Pareek HR-LABS conducts specially designed in-company training programmes for executive trainees, junior, middle and senior level managers of different organisations from various sectors like Public, Private sector, NGOs, Health sector, Educational sector and others. The extensive research and study of the client organisation leads to development of customised course with specific teaching materials and course design to suit the need of each organisation.

Udai Pareek HR-LABS also holds Short-Term Certificate Programmes for Working Executives. It is also planning to introduce distance-learning programme in the near future, as many queries are coming from HR Executives across the country.

Udai Pareek HR-LABS has made a beginning in the area of Consultancy with a major project for UNDP on pedagogical help in their Human Development Module. Udai Pareek HR-LABS is well known for its Psychometric and Assessment Centre where we have various instruments of Psychometric Profiling for all kinds of organisational needs and also for teachers, students, parents and so on. We have also developed software for various instruments for Psychometric Profiling.

The Centre has also launched its Counselling wing, situated at the Gargi College Campus which at present offers Career Counselling to the students at large. Counselling is done scientifically with the help of instruments on personality, intelligence, aptitude and other parameters. Counselling would not be restricted to students alone, but would shortly also cater to the needs of parents, teachers, executives and so on.
The students of HR-LABS programme have extensively participated in all its wide ranging activities and thus would be an asset to any organisation they work for.
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